The girls name was possibly Molly) And Johnny, is quite the prankster, breaking dishes, slamming doors, ext.
Legend has it that a girl died in auto accident on the covered bridge that crosses Slippery Rock Creek beside the mill.
Oliphant Furnace - Powder Mill - A woman is heard screaming then landing with a thump over a rock.
Since that time, whenever winter finals grow near, there are reports of screams in the night, sightings of a ghostly figure wandering the halls with a physics book, and even the appearance of blood on the floor of her former room.One of the students claims to have tutorial visual basic net pdf seen his trunk being moved across the floor.It is a group of tombstones that are in the shape of a circle.People are said to have seen apparitions in and around the old buildings on the complex.In several instances the soldier will spot the person and take aim with his rifle.There was an old wall-piano that was supposed to be sent to the local High School.Now it is said that you can hear the residents roaming the grounds around the surrounding village of Granville moaning and searching for families that once lived in the surrounding homes.She has been known to help employees by moving things around in various rooms.
When you are at this place a eerie atmosphere is felt.
Nature sounds are not to be heard, although woods surround Pennhurst.Everybody was dressed up in a costume.This cemetery has graves that date back in the 1800's to recent.Pittsburgh - North Side Childcare, North Ave - This used to be a supermarket in the 80's and a woman was shot in the face with a shotgun while shopping.Her name is believed to be Sister Mary Loretta.Around the area, adifferent submitter reports it is a gaming area.The Indian presence is documented and a historical fact, the cults are just here say.Washington - near Marrianna - old cemetary /church on hill - It said the girl was buried in the field said you can see the woman in a white dress.Lancaster - the villages of Lancaster green apartments - At the Lancaster Green Apartments, building K,2 young women were murdered.The barn stands on top of the hill at the farm.Also reports of hearing doors open and close when no one was around.Philadelphia - Fairless Hills - Bolton Mansion grounds.