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60 There are also math-based minigames unrelated to the levels to supplement these skills.Battle at Ice Palace.Sonic is chased by police, escapes into a mansion's swimming pool, and is rescued by a twelve-year-old boy named Chris Thorndyke, who lives there with his movie-star mother Lindsey, corporate executive father Nelson, scientist grandfather Chuck, maid and chef Ella, and butler Tanaka.Kellen, Seth (April 15, 2014).Amy rescues him, but Shadow, Eggman, and the duplicitous Rouge escape to the space colony ARK, where Eggman threatens to use a weapon called the Eclipse Cannon to destroy Earth if Earth does not submit to his rule; he blows up half of the Moon.Conversion RGB to Hue, more Demos.1 Iizuka believed that Sonic X and its merchandise, along with the game Sonic Heroes, had helped expose the Sonic franchise to a new generation of potential gamers in 2003, and he dubbed it a "Sonic Year" as a result.52 53 Meanwhile, the animals take on Eggman in his various schemesincluding becoming a wrestler and creating a circusto keep the Emeralds from him.
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Sonic X 25 (September 2007 Archie Comics.
Eggman rebuilds the Moon, seemingly out of remorse, but its position shifts, creating a solar eclipse, so he manufactures and sells "Sunshine Balls" to replicate user manual zebra 105sl sunlight.The show's American localization and broadcasting were handled by 4Kids Entertainment which edited it and created new musicuntil 2012, when.Earth after attempting to save one of their friends from their enemy.Dark Oak has a moment of repentance before dying while having a vision of being greeted by Earthia as he passes away.A b c Paulson, Andrew (September 13, 2004).

9 Broadcast and localization edit Cover art of the Spanish-language DVD of Season 2 4Kids Entertainment handled the show's American localization.