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Figure.66 Configuration bpdu Protection Settings.Thus, bpdu protection can only be enabled on the STP-disabled port.4 Configuration, active - Active lacp ports are capable of processing and sending lacp control frames.A digital signature affixed via a dsc is recognized by 1.23 patch for tft the indian it act which is equivalent to a physical signature.This is the default value.DGS D site contains tender notices, tender enquiries, documents, terms and conditions, rate contracts, policies and procedures, circulars, forms freely downloadable.You simply need to plug the token into the usb port of your computer and perform your signing operation.For security reason your dgs dcert should be stored on a hardware device such as a cryptographic usb token.E-procurement would greatly benefit the government entities by simplifying and speeding up the tender evaluation process with increased transparency and wider competition.
Configuration bpdu Protection Settings, the bpdu Protection Settings page allows user to configure the bpdu protection function for the ports on the Switch.A digital signature is to an electronic form what a handwritten signature is to a paper form.In order to utilize the ability to change an aggregated port group, that is, to add or subtract ports from the group, at least one of the participating devices must designate lacp ports as active.The default mode is shutdown.Facilities in e-procurement portal, all operations to be performed online in web based electronic mode to facilitate interaction with manufacturers, suppliers, indenters and other users.The possible field values are: Short (3 Sec) - Defines the lacp timeout as 3 seconds.