Page 22 Finishing Your Fireplace Insert Sizing Your Fireplace For An Insert Insert panels are used to close off the opening.
Seal the firestop to the pipe with high-temperature caulk and install the outside firestop and drip cap.
To keep yourself from getting injured, stay vigilant at all times and adhere to any safety instructions mentioned in your fireplaces user manual.To ignite the pilot light, youll need to open or completely remove this cover.Page 8, gas Stove Options Basic Remote Control Control your Avalon gas stove from the comfort to your sofa or easy.3 Put a fireplace key into the devices gas valve knob.3, turn the control knob to the off position for at least 5 minutes.15 Look for replacement thermopiles at hardware and home improvement stores.Make sure that it is convenient for installing a gas line, crack in space and time doctor who hooking up any necessary electricity and running the ventilation.6 Replace the fireplaces outer cover immediately.2 Replace your thermocouple if the pilot light wont stay lit.
If this is the case, a standard line voltage thermostat can be substituted for the switch.
Home customer Care » Manuals, to download manuals, right-click on a link and choose "Save.".Revision Effective Date Energy E18E E18E A 2/15/2019 Energy E21 E D 4/12/2019 Energy E33 E E 1/8/2019 Horizon HRI3E HRI3E/LRI3E B 3/29/2019 Horizon HRI4E HRI4E/LRI4E C 3/29/2019 Horizon HRI6E HRI6E/LRI6E A 3/29/2019 Liberty L234 L D 11/30/2018 Liberty LRI3E HRI3E/LRI3E B 3/29/2019 Liberty LRI4E.The most common style is a direct-vent log fireplace, which can be vented directly out of the wall or ceiling.7, be aware that, while a power outage should not affect your fireplaces pilot light, it may deactivate any switches regulating the gas output.No they do not.Submit Tips When the pilot light is working properly, the flames will look light blue.Page 15, tM Fi r es t y l es fo r L i fe The DVS insert is shown with.Optional Upgrades, your fireplace wont need a mantle and frame but these additions could make it look more realistic and complete.Did you try these steps?Though logs may make the fireplace look more appealing, they do not create the fire itself.Next, press and hold the center of the control knob and hit your fireplaces ignition switch until the pilot light ignites.Revision Effective Date Bellavista B36xtce suzuki sfv650 gladius service manual B36xtce E 7/30/2018 Bellavista B36xtce B36xtce B 4/17/2019 Bellavista B36XTE B36XTE E 8/20/2018 Bellavista B36XTE B36XTE B 3/28/2019 Bellavista B41xtce B41xtce D 7/30/2018 Bellavista B41xtce B41xtce B 3/28/2019 Bellavista B41XTE B41XTE E 8/27/2018 Bellavista B41XTE B41XTE B 3/28/2019 CitySeries Chicago.

Depending on how far away the gas valve knob is, you may need to have a friend hold the lighter or operate the key.