Birge Regional Reports Region 124 45 Robins Roost Robins January Twin City Iris Group Organizes Nathan Burns Affiliates "Twin City Iris Society,.
Lenz photograph received Foster Plaque January Mrs.Van Valkenburgh Photograph October In Memoriam: Mrs.Arthur Nelson Editor's Letter July B Mildred and Roy Brizendine with President Bledsoe Awards Hybridizers Medal July B Steve Varner with Carol Ramsey Awards Frankllin Cook Cup July B Dave Niswonger Awards Presidents Cup July Development of Median Irises Zula.Tidemann Test Gardens July Judging the Spuria Iris "Corliss MD, Philip G" Judges Training Progress in Breed July B Lady Burton Photograph July B Seedling 56-S-19 (Corliss) Photograph July Progress in Breeding Spuria Iris Philip.Simon" Obituary April In memoriam: Dovie Brady Obituary April My Goals in Hybridizing Louisiana Irises Henry.Mitchell" April In Memoriam Eric.Ludwig" Photograph "Award winners at Parkersburg,.Norris Photograph January C Chief Kelly.Caldwell Minutes April B Darjeeling Photograph April Indoor Irises Species April Genetics Program for 1948.Douglasiana and innominata July Whence the Apricots "Rundlett, Edwin" Hybridizing Hybridizing for Apricot Color July B Pedigree Hybridizing Art July The Oh's and Ah's Beginning the 1958 Season Jennie.Duffy Species Iris Bulletin information from TOC October Exhibitions Thura Truax Hires Shows October "Varietal Notes from Washington,.C." Charles.
"Charlie" Nearpass" Plicatas January Plicata Pattern Jim Gibson Plicatas January Dwarf and Intermediate Plicatas Bee Warburton Plicatas January A Heretic Looks at Plicata a View from Diploid Level Jean Witt Plicatas January B Pattern Variation in Diploid Plicatas Jean Witt Photograph January B MME.
Jennings Obituary April In memoriam Mrs.
Pariensis, Tadpole Shrimp, and Gambling" "Waddick, James W" Species Iris January Irises at the Detroit Zoo "Stahly, Harold" Community Garden January Best of the Best #2 "Morgan, Austin" goodman a c manual Varietal Comments January Three Year Summary of HM Voting "Michel, Leonard" Balloting January Test of Dykes Medal.Wister Disease/Pests January The Case of Rotty Irises.Hager Disease/Pests Treatment July B Imperial Ruby Photograph July B "Custom Design, Eleanor Hill" Photograph July B "Missouri Hybridizers-Dorothy Palmer, Dave Niswonger, Elvan Roderick" Photograph July Matching Iris to Microclimate Panayoti Callas Culture July B Rock Alpine Garden and Alpine House Photograph July B "Iris.Norris Photograph Spoon 359 35 C Orchid Dove Kelly.Merrill Doriot) Molly Price Photograph Hwo AIS Board Members Wolfgang.White Species April Pollen on One Stigma Suffices Clifford.Dykes Beardless Iris "From the Garden, 1881" May The Introduction and Hybridization of Beardless Irises.Dykes History April Various Notes Letters to the Editor April "Report of the Treasurer, 1925" Financial April "Statement of Financial Conditions, Dec.Mathews Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Society's Directors Meet in Chicago "Douglas, Geddes" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting January Iris Time in the Rockies Nina.Imbricata Species Iris Species notes April.Arthur Nelson Shows October Mountaineer Iris Society Organized.Giridian Species Iris July Adventures with the Dwarfs Lena.