The Windows 10 Hardening Guide is below and all of the hardening steps are contained in this document.
Exe Inbound/ allow service SA Service ( Mcafee site advisor ) InBound/ disable Core Networking iphttps in InBound/ disable Core Networking igmp in InBound/ disable all Core Networking rules that mentions IPv6, Teredo, and icmpv6 InBound/ disable all Network Discovery rules for private profile (NB.
Many Windows 7 users have seen performance issues when opening IFS documents on a NetServer network drive.The login passwords are not stored as plain text in Windows, they are encrypted.If you don't have any IoT ( Internet of Things) devices, then you don't need the AllJoinIn rules.Start tcpdump and then boot up the Windows machine without logging.You can use gmail or yahoo mail or m or m addresses for this "MS Account".These two things save a lot of time.Not used Remote desktop configuration manual) remote desktop.
If that is not enough for you, you can check outt mm, sometimes they have additional information.Now go linux magazine pdf 2013 to your router's web page and set up where to send the logs to, which is the ip address of your syslog machine.They function in a standard account.Settings Time Language Region language - don't know another language.All a user wants at the moment is to try out that new software.Good security is also about detection: Detection of unwanted changes like unauthorized account creations, running of malware and other unwanted apps, etc.To see your saved queries, go to the Admin tab, click on Definitions pull down and choose Query Definitions.Security Events to Monitor for If you have the Automated Configuration Pack, the 'custom view' filters are in the folder "Event Viewer Custom Views".The firewall rules have been revised from previous editions of this document.