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Manual sql server 2000

manual sql server 2000

We use the drop database command to manual remove the MyDatabase1 database if it exists.
If youd just like to fiddle around with SQL manual Server 2000 for the span of this article, then youll be glad to know that you can download a free 120-day trial version of it by clicking here.
Click on the empty widgetName column and server enter the value "Red Widget".Now that weve created a unique primary key column for our widgets, click on the next Column Name field and manual enter widgetName.Creating a Database with Enterprise Manager.Query Analyzer, on the other hand, acts more server like command-driven databases such as MySQL, allowing you to get right down server to the bare metal and code everything yourself.One of the most important tables in the master database is the sysdatabases table, which contains a list of databases that reside on your SQL Server.Right click on the databases node in the left pane and choose the New Database option.This will load the table designer, which allows us to add, edit and delete fields both to and from new and existing tables.Again, this column must contain a value, so uncheck the Allow Nulls table.Secondly, SQL Server 2000 supports its own dialect of SQL (Structured Query Language server which is known as Transact-SQL, or server tsql for short.In Enterprise Manager we used the tree view in the left pane to choose which database we wanted to work with.If you select the Tables node under MyDatabase1 in the tree listing and take a look in the right-hand pane of Enterprise Manager, youll see our new table, Widgets.

Throughout this article we will accomplish many things firstly with Enterprise Manager, and then with plain tsql code in Query Analyzer.
Its good to have a new table, but what use is this table if it editor doesnt contain any data?
Your database has now been keyboard backed up to a file called MyDatabase1.dat in the driver root of your C: keyboard drive (don't driver forget to delete it when you're finished experimenting!).The GO command executes all code up until that driver specific point of the pfaff script, so after the first GO command, SQL Server knows that any commands it encounters should be executed against the master database.To start the download, click Download.I like to think its all of these things.The database properties dialog will appear: The dialog contains three tabs; however, all we really need to do to create a new database is give it a name, so enter MyDatabase1 in the name field mods and click.

The column name field is the name by which we refer to each particular column in the table, which well see shortly.
Plain html files database driven sites were nowhere near as popular as they are manual sql server 2000 today.