The tutorial is based on my introductory course on PCB design.
Textbook on PCB Design using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor.Most PCBs for students are made in-house using photomasks printed directly from PCB Editor; this needs considerable manipulation of the colours and visibility because PCB Editor was not designed for such an old-fashioned process!Capture and PSpice, many good introductions to Capture and PSpice can be found on the web and in textbooks.The main component is OrCAD PCB Editor, which is based on the Allegro PCB Editor.Ensure that the default browser is specified in Cadence Help.To enable users to evaluate the power of the OrCAD PCB tools used in the Windows-based PCB design process.
This solves the common problem of students who create the wrong type of project.
Create a new schematic project in OrCAD Capture, set preferences for the schematic design canvas, add a title block and create a new library for the design.
Describes the design cycle for an electronic design, starting with capturing the electronic circuit in OrCAD Capture, simulating the design with PSpice, through the PCB layout stages in OrCAD Layout / OrCAD PCB Editor, and specctra, and finishing with the processing of the manufacturing output.The lessons and exercises run from the browser window and require the one-time installation of the Adobe Flash Player.0 or later version.Unfortunately the tutorials that come with PCB Designer are fairly limited, given the complexity of the software, and it is not easy for newcomers to navigate around the documentation.Here is my rather long-winded tutorial for students who have never used these applications before.Tasks covered in this tutorial may not cover all the features of a tool. .I have updated it for versions.2 and.3, which have a significantly different appearance to bring Capture in line with OrCAD PCB Editor.It has been updated for version.3 but not yet for.5.Launch the OrCAD PCB Editor Tutorial.Please send me a note if you would like a copy of the local library of footprints mentioned above.In this tutorial, the emphasis is on the steps that you will need to perform in each OrCAD tool so that your design works smoothly through the flow.You can practice what you've learned by going crossfire aimbot hack blogspot rapidshare through the tutorial's specially designed exercises that interact directly with Capture.A recent book.I have not yet updated it for version.5.