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Procedures of animal care manuals aza

procedures of animal care manuals aza

Stay tuned for animal the new AZA Ungulate Animal Care Manual, presently nearing completion.
These precautions are most effective when they are part of an overall care preventive medicine program for the zoological park.5,8.
Usda, aphis, Veterinary Services Laboratories, uSDA, aphis, nvsl, Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.
In general, due to the potential for bites, small carnivores should be used in contact areas only with extreme caution.
Usda, aphis, Wildlife Services, uSDA, NAL, Animal Welfare Information Center.Is diagnostic for infection.Birds, birds used in contact areas should be free of chlamydiosis and zoonotic care parasites (e.g., giardia).In the general human population, animal avian tuberculosis is generally considered to have very low zoonotic potential, however, it care can present significant risks for immunocompromised individuals.Mammals - Small Carnivores.For wild-caught individuals of most species, a prolonged (3-6 month) quarantine is necessary to reduce the risk that procedures they are infected with the virus.As outlined by the AZA and the usda's Animal Welfare Act, animal contact areas should always be supervised manuals by a trained zoo representative.

Reptiles used in contact areas should be free of animal snake mites and pentastomids learning (e.g., Armillifer.).
Iucn/SSC Guidelines for john Reintroductions, international Species Inventory System, alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment.
Clive Bennett's Ecto and Endo-Parasites.Antelope Giraffe TAG, eAZA Best underground Practice Guidelines for, burmese deere Brow-Antlered underground Deer.Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians.However, this forgoes many valuable educational experiences and the establishment of a direct relationship between animals and the public.In Bonagura, JD (Ed.) Current Vet.Care should be taken to avoid public contact with deere known infected flocks.

Zoo and Aquarium Fundamentals, American Zoo and Aquarium Association, Bethesda, Maryland, 1996 (in press).
Heuschele, W, C Bredeson Heuschele: Zoonotic disease procedures of animal care manuals aza - reducing the risks.
Small carnivores (e.g., raccoons and skunks) obtained from the wild may present a greater risk of rabies and their use should be avoided in contact areas.