The user is cautioned that changes and modifications made to the equipment without the approval of manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate this equipment.
RadioShack Low-Cost 3-in-1 Remote, exit the selected device's menu, guide, or program.To 4 and try entering the code again.Turn the selected device on or off then release.Note: If the LED does not blink twice, repeat steps 2 to 4 and try entering the code again.To control devices other than default brands, follow these steps; otherwise, skip this section.Installing batteries Before proceeding, find the codes for the devices you want to program in Manufacturer's Codes and write Your RadioShack Low-Cost 3-in-1 Remote requires them down or highlight them.Two (2) AA batteries (not supplied).See Programming Favorite Channel Scan and Using Channel Scan.
Do not burn or bury them.You will be charged for repair or replacement of the product made after the expiration of the warranty period.Specifications are subject to change and improvement without any notice.For example, to find out which code is assigned to If in a menu, choose options from the your TV: selected device's menu or guide.Scientific Atlanta 1877, 0877, 0477, 0008, 0017.Enter the first four-digit code for your device.Before proceeding, find the codes for the devices you want to program in Manufacturer's Codes and write them down or highlight them.Find the code (or codes) tim harford the undercover economist pdf for your device in the included Code List.The old nintendo emulator for windows 7 LED blinks twice. .Changes or modifications not expressly approved by RadioShack may cause interference and void the users authority to operate the cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.The LED blinks twice.If some of your devices functions do not respond to the remote, repeat step 4 with another code.

The mode to be cleared twice.
Exit the selected device's menu, guide, or program.
Checking THE codes If you have set up the remote using the procedure in Searching for Your Code, you may need to find out which four-digit code is operating your equipment.