Cone 5 is most common.
Smooth the glaze over the ware by brushing back and forth lightly.
Apply the second, and succeeding coats as soon as the watery sheen has disappeared from the previous coat.
Their customer service department said that their crocks companion 3 series ii bose worldwide contacts.pdf contain no lead.Ideally used over incised designs, translucent glaze colors pool in low areas creating deeper tone of glaze color.Due to this and the fact that lead-free glazes must be applied to fully matured bisque, it is important, to acheive best results that you do not single fire a ceramic piece with glaze on at the same time.Proper Use Of Glaze, glaze Types, characteristics of Western Glazes.Tools for glazing, the following are the best tools we have found for use with our products.DO NOT spray apply without proper personal protective equipment.This usually only works with comparatively thick clay ware.Transparent colors also can run a bit more than the opaque glazes, so keep that im mind.We recommend a medium firing speed (4-6 hours) with no hold time.Apply the first coat of glaze horizontally, the next coat vertically, as this tends to help hide the look of brush strokes, and helps avoid uneven application.
I quickly learned that a surface test using an XRF gun would not be a perfect indicator of crock pot safety.The FDA does not require that a product in contact with food be lead-free.Crazing is caused by the glaze contracting more than the clay body on cooling.Full disclosure: I didnt call all of these folks because I literally lost my voice halfway through the research due to a nasty cold.Satin Matt Matt - For use on pieces when a glossy surface is not desired (such as flower vases where the container does not compete with the flowers).JCS is diligent in its efforts to ensure that its products are compliant with applicable regulations regarding the presence of lead.When I phoned them, the very pleasant customer service representatives first response was, There cant be lead in them.If too thick, add distilled water in 1/2 cup increments.Staining crackle glaze - In most crackle glazes, particularly opaques, the cracks are not readily apparent until they are stained.For dry form dipping glazes in the mid-fire series, contact Western for details.Using a DuPont M-50 viscosity cup, check viscosity for our recommended viscosity range of 19-22 seconds.Discount Price:.92 -.81 / lot -11 2 days left, services: Buy Now, add to Cart.6.00 for Dark Green, Medium Green, Dark Blue, Brown, Black, White, Amber.Works very well over Western underglazes and engobes.

They form naturally although the exact reasons for their formation are unclear.