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Sequential circuits mutitrack manual

Stack And Arpeggiator, the sequencer section also houses the controls for the Six-Trak's arpeggiator and Stack function.
However, there's no doubting that the Six-Trak's output - and particularly the 100 factory presets - carries a heavy bias towards big, fat analogue lead sounds of which the Americans are still so fond.
Once you've a basic track in time with the Drumtrak's rhythm pattern, turning the Six-trak's Speed control to zero automatically syncs the two devices together, so that all further overdubbing is done in sync manual with the drum-machine.
To record your initial circuits sequence (backing-track?) all you do is check that the pitch wheel (see later) and Speed knob are centred, select your program (factory preset or mutitrack user-edited select Track Record and either Bank A or B, sequential and the sequencer will begin recording the.LFO Open Manual Page, lFO : 1, lFO Parameters: Saw Up, Saw Down, Triangle.Monophonic) mode as per sequential usual, with multiple triggering and low-note priority, but when Legato is on, single-triggering comes into operation.The mutitrack former has two modes: Up/Down and Assign.Sequential's sequential MultiTrak had everything - for its time - and to this day, it still sounds great!

A manual stack consists of up to six different timbres (programs) assigned to one note on the keyboard.
The closest analogy I could think of was a circuits multitrack tape-recorder, and this is indeed exactly what SCI's designers have aimed for: a sequencer that behaves as if it were automation a dedicated digital multitrack recorder.
As was the developing trend around this time in the mid-eighties, programming was being streamlined into using the buttons on the matrix keypad to assign parameters to a rotary knob.
Modes: Split, Unison Patches circuits Patches RAM : 99 Patches ROM: 99 Storage: automation Internal, 6 Editing: midi Arpeggiator Up/Down mutitrack Assign button Effects stereo chorus Sequencer 1,600 note sequencer Case Case : Keyboard Keyboard: 61 keys Controls: Buttons, Mod - Wheel, Pitch -Wheel, Sequencer, Pedal - Sustain.
In toto, 35 different parameters make up a sound on the Six-Trak, black and even if selecting their respective values isn't quite as trouble free as one would like, what matters is that put together they offer a sound-generation and modulation store of considerable versatility.Dan Goldstein puts it through its paces and examines it in the context of SCI's.Sequences guide are recorded in real-time (no step-time modes here).Once you record one voice singly, you're not confined to recording all the others the same way, since it's perfectly possible to record, say, a unison bass-line (track one followed by a triad backing (tracks two, three, and four) and two lead synth lines (tracks.A simple DIN-to-DIN cable (any old one will do) is connected so that it runs from the Drumtraks' midi OUT to the Six-Trak's midi.