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Volume 2 scsi-2 interface product manual

volume 2 scsi-2 interface product manual

A value of zero indicates that the product device does not support 32-bit wide data transfers.
The diagnostic parameters within a page may be defined differently in a send diagnostic command than in a receive diagnostic results command.
This field is reserved for sense keys not described below.
The occurrence of the error product may be logged if statistical or error logging is supported.8.2.4 copy AND verify command The copy AND verify command (see table 43) performs the same function as the copy command, except product that a verification of the data written to the destination logical unit is performed after the data is written.Notes 76 Mode pages should be returned in ascending page code order except for mode page 00h.This includes errors generated during execution of the command by the actual execution process.The log page format is defined near the beginning.3.2.Data counters are associated with one of more volume events; the data counter is updated whenever one of these events interface occurs by incrementing of the counter value.The parameter list length field specifies the length in bytes volume of the parameters that shall be sent during the data OUT phase of the command.8.2.9 mode select(10) command The mode select(10) command (see table 53) provides a means for the initiator to specify medium, logical unit, or peripheral device parameters to the target.The vital product data may include vendor identification, product identification, unit serial numbers, device operating definitions, manufacturing data, field replaceable unit information, and other vendor- volume specific information.The target shall set the additional sense code to mode parameters changed.

Non-medium error page This page (page code 06h) provides for summing manual the owners occurrences of roland recoverable error events crack other than write, read, or verify failures.
If the allocation length is wars less than the length of the data to be returned, the ascii length shall not be adjusted to reflect the truncation.
The target shall transfer the lesser of the allocation length or four bytes of read buffer descriptor.
The block device number of blocks field specifies the number of blocks in brood the current segment to be copied.
The vendor assigns buffer ID codes to buffers within the target.If the allocation length of the command descriptor block is too small to transfer all of the additional sense bytes, the additional sense length is not adjusted to reflect the truncation.The contents of the information field is device-type or command specific manual and is defined within the appropriate clause for the device type or command of interest.The target shall set all cumulative parameters to their default values in response to a LOG select command with the PC field set to 11b and the parameter list length field set to zero.D) If an inquiry command is received, the returned data should have appropriate values in the ansi version and response data format fields.Last n error events page Log page (07h) provides for a number of error-event records using the list parameter format of the log page.001b The target is capable of supporting the specified peripheral device type on this logical unit; however, the physical device is not currently connected to this logical unit.This means that, if the transmission of new commands is halted at any time, the final value of all data observable on the medium shall have exactly the same value as it would have if the commands had been executed in the same received sequence.

A synchronous transfer (Sync) bit of one indicates that the device supports synchronous data transfer.
The parameter code associated with error-event record indicates the relative time at which the error occurred.
Most volume 2 scsi-2 interface product manual devices incur a delay at this point while the media is repositioned.