Daemonic Legions : This was the era of Hordes of Chaos, so whilst pure-Daemon armies could be done, they weren't very good.
Borgut Facebeater : One of Grimgor's toughest and most loyal followers.You can help the Lexicanum by expanding.Ruglud Bonechewer : Leader of Ruglud's Armoured Orcs, a Dogs of War unit consisting of crossbow-wielding orcs in heavy armor.Valten managed to injure the chaos champion, only for Archaon to murder his ass.While the centerpiece of the event was the invasion of the Hordes of Chaos, a few problems became clear very quickly, including the fact that the new edition rules had given massive buffs to certain factions in them, others weren't as well-balanced or powerful.Campaign System Two campaign trees and two new scenarios, From the Wastes and Hold The Line!, are presented in a five page section entitled Fighting a Chaos Invasion.Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-Hewer : The creator of the Goblin-Hewer, a Dogs of War unit consisting of a rapid-fire automated axe-throwing machine, created by a character from the Gotrek Felix stories, who appears to control the machine.It introduced the new units Flayerkin (now-forgotten mutant skirmishers and siege-breakers) and the Hellcannon (which has since become a mainstay for Warriors of Chaos ).
Boris Todbringer : The Elector Count of Middenland.
The progress of the campaign would be measured by a map that would be updated depending on wins and losses taken during the event.Of note in this army list is that Flamers of Tzeentch were a separate unit from.This quickly became the start of a pattern.Errantry War The Errantry War army list is a Bretonian variant army list.Between this and a variety of other issues (a larger percentage of newcomers picking up Hordes armies based on their reputations, a large veteran playerbase sticking to their armies of choice, relatively bad balancing of the new rules in general something amazing happened: Chaos got.Morathi : High priestess of Slaanesh, and the sonfucking queen of the Dark Elves.A number of the special characters for the event had complete ball-drops happen.