Failure TO obey this warning MAY result IN injury OR death TO yourself OR others.
Many pre-64's have been 'repaired' using Marlin or other post-64 parts (collectors have to watch for this sort of thing).
Browning reserves THE right TO refuse service ON firearms that havebeen altered, added TO OR substantially changed.Winchester, model 94 30-30, parts, manual.Removal of metal from barrel(s or modification of the firing mechanism and/or operating parts may lead to Browning's refusal of service on such firearms.These mechanical devices are designed to place your gun in a safer status.BE defensive AND ON guard against unsafe GUN handling around YOU andothers.Read AND heed ALL warnings in this instruction book, on ammunition boxes and with all accessories that you install on your firearm.
Look through the barrel to be sure it is clear of any obstruction.Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun, even though you are certain the gun is unloaded.USE THE proper ammunition.IF your rifle fails TO fire, keep THE muzzle pointed iafe direction.See "Operations of the Safety" for instructions on operation of your gun's "safety."like ANY mechanical device, A "safety" CAN sometimes fail; IT CAN BE jarred OR inadvertently manipulated into AN unsafe condition.Rather, it takes a Model 94 down to its major assemblies using tools m/buy/16051137 up for auction is an excellent model 94 in 30 -.Nevertheless, Browning assumes no liability for incidents which occur nilsson riedel electric circuits 8th edition pdf through the use of cartridges of nonstandard dimensions which develop pressures in excess of commercially available ammunition with standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers' Institute (saami).BE alert TO THE signs OF ammunition malfunction.Autor: hickok45 Aufrufe: 1,7M / Winchester Winchester Model.

M    Winchester Rifles - Lever Pre-64 Winchester (Mfg 1963) Description: This is a very nice Winchester 94 lever action 30 - 30 rifle It is a 7 shot with a 20" blued barrel Has a redfield peep sight m/watch?
Wash hands thoroughly after exposure TO ammunition OR cleaninirearm.
Specifics, special Attributes: Illustrated, country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand, iSBN.